Objective Review

Problem Identification

Problem Resolution

Surviving Crises

Supplementing Skills

Initiating Change

Obtaining Funding

In-house Education

Government Compliance

Interim Management

Programme & Change Management
To carry out this function we need to understand how to manage all aspects of change and to effectively act as the catalyst for its acceptance. It is said that people automatically resist change, but in fact there are many who welcome it provided they can be shown the benefit and feel some sense of ownership. Our direction and assistance with the effective control and management of all aspects of the whole process can then be widely welcomed and hugely beneficial.
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Branding & Corporate Identity
In short this creates your company’s face to the world and its personality. Your branding and identity influences how your company is perceived by your customers, and affects the associations they will make with your business.  It is important to make sure that your customers love your brand and feel its value. But what if there is a disconnect? What if your customers don’t see or experience what you are trying to portray? We can help you to align how your customer sees you with how you want to be seen. Activities include perception studies and the structured development of corporate messages.
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Call Centre & Campaign Management
We have many years experience in the successful implementation of systems, processes and controls for most aspects of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), ranging from high volume personal lines insurance systems and large volume campaign management to telephony management and quality control for SME's.
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Information Technology support services
There are a range of IT services that we can offer here, from technical project management to back-up consultancy services in some specialised technical areas and products.
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Database Design, Implementation & Support
As well as providing expertise in SQL database design, tuning and implementation, we go further in facilitating the proper tie-up with clients' real business processes and objects.
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Interim Management
We can provide effective personnel as interim managers, from non-executive board members to functional line management in some specialist areas. Interim management gives you instant access to a senior manager with a proven track record, matched to your needs. Interim managers are typically hired for three to nine months to help you implement a critical strategy or to plug a critical shortfall. Our clients often choose the interim management route when they were initially considering a management consultancy role.
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International Trade Support
In the quest for continued growth many businesses get to a point where they cannot afford to limit their commercial efforts to their country of origin. Competitive forces will push companies to include the development of international markets in their business strategy. We can support your business expansion and development into new international markets. Our expertise reaches from organising trade missions to designing and actively implementing international business development strategies.
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Marketing & Communication Strategy
Your marketing and communication strategy is an integral part of your overall business strategy. Its mission is to define what your business is about, its values, the benefits it delivers to whom and how to engage that target group. Marketing Communication strategy, far from being “just promotional activities” is first and foremost the ground work that enables you to clearly  differentiate yourself from the competition and enables you to create stong links with your customers. In short we focus on helping your business to develop its "face”, "voice” and "direction”. Our experience in this area also includes market and competition studies and extends to a range of sales and marketing support services.
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